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We believe there’s power in numbers.

Collaboration is not just a cornerstone of how we’ll work with you—it’s how we work with each other. Everyone on the team brings different, complementary skills to the table, so we can put our collective brainpower to work for you, from proposal to final deliverable.


Hands on, egos off.
We won’t make a big show of needing to “roll up our sleeves” and get dirty—passion for doing the work is what fuels our leadership team. From Financial Services and Tech, to Hospitality and Retail, to Entertainment and CPG, our collective experiences help shape every engagement.


Culture is global. So are our capabilities.
With a home base in Connecticut, we can be in NYC, Philly, or Boston in a flash. But our established data collection, tech, and translation partnerships extend our footprint around the globe.


Excellence takes effort.
There’s a difference between getting a job done, and a job well done. We strive for the latter. Four pillars of the Directive Analytics DNA flow from our people to our process – and ultimately our work product. 


We believe in the power of pivoting. Something’s not working? Adjust. Still off? Adjust until it works.

We believe in digging deeper. And deeper. We keep asking why.

We believe in high standards and holding ourselves accountable. Always, at every level.

We believe in working together. Enough said.

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